Worship Team

Anne-Marie Reynolds

Donna Brown, Administrative Assistant and Treasurer

Donna has served Canyon since its inception in various roles. In addition to being the administrative assistant to Pastor Kent and the church treasurer, Donna is a skilled pianist and a member of Canyon's Worship Team. Always helpful, Donna is a true servant of Christ!



Gary Williams

Matt Hecht

Donna Brown

Leadership Team

Steve Reynolds

Reynold's Wrap and the Leftovers

Sarah Brady

Kent Simmons

Melinda Kemp

Kent Simmons, Pastor

As a second-career pastor, Kent uniquely identifies with the challenges of everyday life. As such, his messages are crafted to spiritually inspire and to relate to a wide range of individuals. With a Master's Degree in Liberal Arts in Pastoral Leadership from Grand Canyon University, Kent teaches with an emphasis on biblical application. And, with a full quiver of grown children and grandchildren, Kent's commitment to faith, family, and friends, is contagious. Come and see for yourself!